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Useful informations for a Sorrento Holiday

The Sorrento hospitality
is an enchanting town, located vertically on the Gulf of Naples and on its crystalline waters.
Sought-after and famous tourist place since the Grand Tour times, Sorrento boasts an ancient culture of hospitality: to welcome the visitors, to give them a memorable vacation is the mission of the population of the Sorrentina Peninsula.
By virtue of the big number of visitors which every year choose it as destination of their own holidays, Sorrento offers a vast choice of hotels and accomodations but also cafes, cafeterias, numerous shops and delightful restaurants to taste the delicacies of the Naples gastronomy.
Sorrento and the Sorrento Peninsula
enjoy mild Mediterranean type climate and, also in winter, offer lukewarm sunny days, which make pleasant the visitors stay.
But to enjoy sun, sea, perfumes and colours of the Mermaid Earth, the best period is certainly the bright summer or the warm spring, quieter and less crowded season.
Whether you are looking for a family holiday, or a romantic, cultural or to the discover the nature vacation, Sorrento and the Sorrento Peninsula will certainly succeed in  granting your demands.

Besides Sorrento and the Sorrento Peninsula are famous for the safety, even if during a vacation in any world place is fundamental to take the common trip precautions.
For emergencies you can go and ask to the local authorities in command of the care and the safety of the tourists.

Sorrento - Sant'Agnello Tourist Information Office, Via Luigi De Maio - 0818074033
Emergency Doctor Service (daily and nightly) - 0815331111
First Aid, S.Maria della Misericordia Sorrento Hospital, Corso Italia - 0815331111
Carabinieri - Via B.Capasso - 0818781010
Police Force - Vico III Rota, Sorrento - 0818073101/2
Municipal Police - Corso Italia 236 - 0815335265, Free Number - 0818074185
Traffic Police - Vico III Rota, Sorrento - 0818073102
Taxi - Piazza Tasso, Sorrento - 0818782204

How to go round the Sorrento Coastline
The Sorrento Peninsula resorts, from Vico Equense to Sorrento, are connected one to the other from an efficient transport service, the Circumvesuviana. Every 20/25 minutes you will find a small train which, besides connecting the Peninsula Sorrentina, reaches the other Campania tourist places as Pompeii, Naples, Ercolano.
To reach Massa Lubrense and to visit the places of the Amalfi Coast, for example Amalfi and Positano, are available the Sita Buses, which leave every 30/35 minutes.
If you would instead like to admire Capri, Ischia and Procida, it is possible to use the numerous hydrofoils and ferries, which in 35 minutes reach Capri and in about 1 hour reach Ischia and Procida.
Starting from Sorrento, the most beautiful and characteristic of the all coastline towns, the distances to reach the main places of interest are very brief. Sorrento is only 5km from Meta, while is just 4.5Km from Vico Equense and Massa Lubrense.
To overlook the Gulf of Naples from on high you can reach S.Agatha on the two Gulfs, a small town, you meet following the panoramic street, 5km after Sorrento. To reach the Sea Park of Punta Campanella, you need just to run 8.5km to reach an unique place.


Typical products and Sorrento Gastronomy
Sorrento Peninsula as also the whole of Campania Region, boasts an ancient gastronomic tradition, made of delicious typical products.
From lemon perfumes to the taste of olive oil, tomatoes and walnuts, the typical Sorrento products are among the Italian excellences. Without forgetting the tastes of the sea: every day in fact the visitors can delight their palates with an ample choice of fresh fish just fished.
Equally famous and tasty are the dairy products: ricotta, mozzarella-chees-braid, mozzarella cheese and the most appreciated Monk's Provolone, a cheese with a definite and unique taste.
Among the first dishes you can allow yourself the heavenly potato dumplings, cooked in Sorrento way, with tomato, fresh basil and mozzarella, but also seafood first dishes.
Among the second dishes besides grilled or fried fresh fish, you can allow yourself a healthy caprese salad with mozzarella, fresh tomato, basil and a trickle of local dop olive oil.
Besides for the gluttons numerous are the typical sweets, you will cannot manage without taste them: rum babà, lemon delight, Neapolitan pastiera, chocolate caprese cake and so much other.

To visit
As well as an interesting religious architecture and a lot of historical buildings, Sorrento holds two important Museums, unique of their kind on the whole Italian panorama.
The Correale Museum of Terranova was born thanks to the Correale Foundation of Terranova, wanted by brothers Alfredo and Pompeo Correale, who made the wish to set up a family museum inside the Villa Rota location, an extraordinary building, which, from its terrace, gives a breathtaking view on the Gulf of Naples.
The Correale Museum of Terranova
extends itself on three levels, which keep the Correale family treasures, but also other rare works and objects belonged to the Sorrento nobility.
The ground floor is devoted to the archaeological section of the Museum: among the most important works there is the macaw depicting the opening of the Vesta Temple on the Palatine and Sorrento area necropolises remains dating from the period that goes from the IX to the XII century.
Always on the ground floor is situated the whole room devoted to Torquato Tasso, poet of Sorrento origin, and the room devoted to paintings and furnishings of the Neapolitan and foreign school of the centuries XVI-XIX.
On the first floor are placed paintings and furnishings of the XVIII century, oriental porcelains and paintings by eminent exponents of the Flemish school.
The second floor holds the rooms devoted to the landscapes and the dead natures of the painters of the "School of Posillipo" and to Italian and European pendulum clocks and clocks from the XVIII and XIX century.
The last floor exposes the porcelains, rare and unique pieces of Italian manufactures, such as the Venetian Vezzi, the Florentine Doccia and the Neapolitan Capodimonte and Real Fabbrica.
In the heart of the historical centre of Sorrento is located the Museum Shop of the Tarsia Lignea. The Museum is held from the Building Pomarici Santomasi and it keeps a variegated collection of furniture and objects of the Sorrento craftsmanship, since the fifteenth till the nineteenth century.
The wooden inlay is in fact an ancient tradition of the Sorrento craftsmanship: since centuries they pass on one to the other secrets and laws on the chiaroscuro effects of the inlaid scenes and on the phases of workmanship.

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