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The Museum Correale of Terranova of Sorrento

The Museum Correale of Terranova of Sorrento

Among the most interesting Museums in Campania, the Museum Correale of Terranova is located in the center of Sorrento, at fewsteps from hotel Zi Teresa.
The Museum, born in 1924 thanks to the Foundation Correale, represents an unique evidence of the cultural flows and the international influences which, during last century, affected Sorrento and the Sorrento Peninsula.
The Museum was put up from "Villa alla Rota", eighteenth-century building surrounded by a magnificent and luxuriant Sorrento citrus grove and with a sight on the Gulf of Naples.

The Museum Correale of Terranova of Sorrento
holds a large variety of porcelains, paintings and furnitures, partly belonged to the Correale family, you can visit with free entrance.

The 24 rooms of the Museum are divided in three floors: there are a lot of period furniture, eighteenth century European pieces of porcelain and majolicas from Naples and international.

The ground floor holds the archaeological section: finds of the imperial age such as the famous macaw with the scene of the inauguration of the Vesta Temple on the Palatine or as the rests of the necropolises of the Sorrento Peninsula.

Moreover, always at the ground floor, there are paintings and furniture of Neapolitan and international school of the centuries XVI and XIX and also a whole room devoted to the poet Torquato Tasso, born in Sorrento.

The first floor is instead devoted to the painting and to furniture of the XVIII century with oriental porcelains and with the production of the Flemish painters and pictures of the Caravaggio school.

The second floor holds the rooms devoted to the landscapes and the dead natures of the painters of the "School of Posillipo" and to Italian and European pendulum clocks and clocks from the XVIII and XIX century.The last floor exposes the porcelains, rare and unique pieces of Italian manufactures, such as the Venetian Vezzi, the Florentine Doccia and the Neapolitan Capodimonte and Real Fabbrica. 

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